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Looking for a reliable window cleaner in your area ?

Proclean4u are family run established window cleaners, based in Leicester we have been operating for over 7 years, providing residential & commercial window cleaning since 2016 and many of our original clients are still with us today. Our aim is for client satisfaction and for you to have clean windows all year round.

Proclean4u run a regular and reliable window cleaning service in Thurcaston, Swithland & Cropston over the years we have built up a large client base in Leicester with many happy customers and have a 5* reputation! Customer service is at the heart of everything we do, our regular window cleaning service is stress free, professional and backed up by satisfaction guarantees.

We let our customers know when we will be arriving to clean your windows by SMS text the evening before. You can set up a regular 4-weekly or 8-weekly window cleaning service and have the peace of mind of knowing we will be there when we say we will, our online payment options ensure we provide a reliable and hassle free, high quality window cleaning service to the Thurcaston, Swithland & Cropston.

WE CLEAN WINDOWS IN Thurcaston, Swithland & Cropston TO HIGH STANDARDS

Residential window cleaning Leicester using reach and wash water fed pole.


Our window cleaning services operate, using vehicles equipped with the latest pure water reach & wash window cleaning systems that can clean up to 60ft from the safety of the ground to deliver an efficient, streak-free window cleaning service anywhere it’s required – and, unlike many window cleaning services, we don’t just clean the glass, we clean all window frames, sills & doors on every visit.

Because our water is purified, with all the minerals and impurities removed, it dries clear with no water marks or drips, giving you perfect results every time.

Our water fed poles not only provide high quality window cleaning, they are also great for cleaning all UPVC fascia’s and soffits. 


Whether you require a window cleaner to clean your home or business, we can arrange a regular or one-off clean to suit your needs. We undertake both commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning at competitive prices across Swithland, Thurcaston & Cropston.

Our aim is to provide the easiest, hassle-free, high quality window cleaning services to all customers. We have worked hard over the years to put systems in place that allow us to provide the best customer service and quality window clean.

Professional window cleaning Leicester

Professional Window Cleaning Service In Swithland since 2016

Cropston & Thurcaston WINDOW CLEANERS


Prior to Proclean4u arriving to clean your windows, a text is sent the evening before arrival, unlike the old days of window cleaning when a window cleaner would just turn up unexpected.

All of our window cleaning customers receive a curtesy text the evening before the clean, if for any reason a customer needs to postpone their window clean. We ask that you reply so we can ensure to amend our window cleaning schedules for our working day.


Traditional window cleaner on a commercial property in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Commercial Window Cleaning

Proclean4u has an expanding commercial customer base located throughout the Leicestershire area, including offices, colleges, schools, warehouses, showrooms, large residential, apartment blocks and student accommodation.

Established in 2016, we have many years of experience in window cleaning in commercial settings, ranging from shop fronts, small office buildings, corporate facilities, and sizeable office blocks, we know exactly how to take care of your commercial window cleaning requirements.

Committed to giving you the best quality work at competitive prices, fully trained to use all window cleaning methods available, including traditional and pure water reach and wash systems.

We can also look after all of your interior window cleaning, meaning your windows can be sparkling, inside and out! 

For clients with several premises, we can offer contract work with a bespoke cleaning schedule.

We ensure minimal disruption to your business whilst we are onsite cleaning yor properties windows, we can arrive during out of hours business hours to suit your business needs.


Student block of flats window cleaning in Loughborough

Residential Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our reach & wash pure water system, makes light work of previously difficult or impossible to reach windows using the traditional window cleaning method. Windows over conservatories and windows too high for ladders are all now possible to clean, thanks to the reach & wash window cleaning system. We are able to clean the windows on any residential home, leaving them streak free every time from the safety of the ground.

Based in Leicester, Proclean4u are a local window cleaning company, offering a flexible window cleaning services across Leicester, when we’ve completed the clean at your property we post one of our cards through your door, your payment is then made via BACS, PayPal or card.

We believe if you’re paying for your windows to be cleaned in Thurcaston, Swithland & Cropston you deserve the best service possible, this is why we don’t just clean your windows when we come to your property, we clean the sills, frames and doors every time.


House window cleaning in Barrow Upon Soar


You’re probably wondering what pure water window cleaning is. The difference between standard everyday tap water and purified water is that the water has been deionised and filtered via a 6 stage system to remove any impurities. When cleaning windows a window cleaner doesn’t use standard tap water, as it is impossible to achieve a spotless clean. Tap water contains mineral and dissolved solid particles, which will result in white water marks being left on the glass when the water dries after the window clean, so when cleaning windows it is best to use purified water.


Pure water window cleaning is the safest way for window cleaners to clean windows. Not only does it provide a spotless streak free window clean, that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals reach & wash window cleaning also ensures previously hard to reach windows can now be cleaned from the safety of the ground. But how does it work? Well, once it’s being used on your windows, you’ll find that pure water is free from any chemicals and minerals that are often put into tap water and makes it an inefficient option for window cleaning. Window cleaners will typically purify their water by using methods such as reverse osmosis and deionisation – the water will then be stored in suitable containers and environments to keep it pure. The pure water will then be used to clean your windows before often being left to dry naturally, giving you that streak-free and crystal-clear finish that you’re looking for.


You may not know that the residue left behind by using tap water and detergents is what can attract dirt to your window, so by using pure water window cleaning you are removing this film of grime-attracting soap from your windows – which will keep your windows looking fresher for longer. Pure water is also an eco-friendlier alternative to tap water and chemicals, preventing any of those harsh chemicals from entering the garden and harming any wildlife. Pure water is completely harmless to both your property and the environment around it – as well as leaving your windows looking better than ever.
As you can see, pure water window cleaning comes with many benefits and is a reliable alternative to the traditional water and detergent option that is so often used when cleaning windows.

Cleaning windows on a commercial property in Loughborough


Window cleaning on hard to reach windows in Leicester

Internal Window cleaning, by professional window cleaners IN SWITHLAND!

Often when outside windows are cleaned it highlights the fact that the insides are also dirty! Therefore to maintain a clear view it is important to make sure that your inside windows are also clean.

We appreciate that letting someone into the inside of your property is completely different from letting someone work on the outside, so we take extra special care when working inside. If things need moving when cleaning your internal windows we will make sure that we put them back. We take care to cover up any areas that may get wet while carrying out the clean.

When cleaning commercial internal windows, we work with the client so that we can make the least disruption while cleaning. We appreciate that in offices it can be awkward having window cleaners inside during office hours so we often work earlier hours or after hours to ensure minimal disruption.

Why not get your inside windows cleaned too!

Pent house internal and external window cleaning Loughborough, Leicestershire

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